Top Guy

Merry Go Round

“I’m actually just a lil’ bit awkward”

– Ridi



Ridi’s love for music started when she was about 8 years old – Apart from the usual running around the house screaming melodies at the top of her lungs at that age, her formal training started in classical music/& jazz, later combining that with opera lessons when she was older, before finally turning to pop music. “I always enjoyed playing around with melodies, and when I had feelings to vent I wrote in a diary (like most teens). I suppose the hard injustices I felt recently, pushed me into using all my musical training to finally make my own lyrics & song for my debut Single ’Top Guy’. I don’t think I could ever sing somebody else’s lyrics now, as that would be like singing somebody else’s heart.”

Ridi’s music has accumulated international attention and reached global charts across Apple Music and Spotify, including Apple Top Music Charts. Merry Go Round became trending on social media platforms such as Giphy trending with over 40 million views, Instagram with over 50K reels made on the track and charted on Chingari App in India accumulating over 45K competition entries to the #MerryGoRound Challenge. The track was featured as “Track of the Week” on BBC Radio UK and was also reviewed in international publications such as Rolling Stone, VICE, Earmilk, Wonderland, Lock Magazine, Cliché Magazine and much more.

Through much of Ridi’s music, Ridi tells of her personal real-life experience in high-school, which ultimately led her to also create the anti-bullying campaign StopTheB. As she says ‘Growing up in international schools as an Indian I experienced a lot of racism and I kept thinking to myself, Gosh, they’re really killing me with their words right now, and that’s where the idea of ‘Bang Bang’ had first stemmed! Where do us young people feel the most attacked now days? Social media. This is why I wanted to create a safe place on Instagram, and so the birth of StopTheB came about, where we not only encourage people to speak out and speak up but to learn to love themselves, cause it’s so hard to deal with all the perfect images people put out there . We are also entering a day and age where we need to learn to be more culturally inclusive.’ Ridi was also the youngest speaker to speak at WABF forum by UNESCO last year, featuring in the Evening Standard newspaper for her speech.

Ridi’s music includes Indian influences mixed with traditional pop music, which is a unique and notable part of all of Ridi’s sound, as she pays tribute to her ethnic heritage in her music. We hope you enjoy listening to the Indo-Western sound that is native to the artist’s mixed upbringing.



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