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Top Guy (Manhattan Clique Remix)

Top Guy

“I’m actually just a lil’ bit awkward”

– Ridi



Throughout childhood, Ridi had always been called to music. Starting at the age of just 8 years old Ridi trained in forms of classical, jazz and pop music and now at only recently 17 she is set to  unleash her unique brand of ‘Happy Dark’ music on the scene.

Listening to the music, you’d be forgiven for thinking the European singer of Indian descent was older. Uncontent with the superficial, the star uses her voice to tackle themes of inclusivity in the belief that music should be for everyone, challenging traditional media’s catering to a “popular” audience. Brewing with emotion, Ridi turned to music as a means of working through her emotions, exploring themes of escapism – dreams, about suppression and the fear of being forgotten. It explores the darker side of the human mind and the vulnerabilities of accepting mistreatment so as to find a sense of belonging.



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