StopTheB is the first youth led, not- for- profit  anti-bullying campaign recently launched by The Oswal Sisters – Vasundhara and Riddhi Oswal.. Since launching, the campaign has received global media recognition, with articles in publications such as TheHindu, CSR journal, Business Insider, Yahoo News. The sisters had also been invited on an anti-bullying podcast AntiBullying101 to discuss their thoughts on the issue and to speak about their campaign.


The sisters were inspired to set up the movement after Riddhi faced bullying at her well-known Swiss school – Le Rosey, dubbed to be the most expensive school in the world. The incidents – which started when she was just 14, as in-person mocking and taunting – quickly escalated into serious cyberbullying (including racist comments about her Indian ethinicity and background) on various social media and group chats and eventually escalated to physical threats by her harassers .

During this time, Riddhi and her sister noticed the fact that other students (bystanders) would see what was happening at school and online, but would not step in to help her or take action.

Even after Riddhi’s story was made public, she noticed that no-one came forward to discuss the issues with her and her family, making it her feel as though she was alone and suffering in silence.

The campaign aims to empower people to break free from peer pressure and the stigma attached to speaking out against bullying and help bring the situation to an end. Whether you are a victim or a bystander, the campaign aims to educate, empower and bring awareness on recognizing the dynamics of bullying online and offline, and asks GenZ to speak out and stand up against Bullying, whenever they see or hear it.